Why It's Ok To Get Hurt: Life's Greatest Lessons


Our greatest growth often comes from the most difficult times in our life. Getting hurt is inevitable in life, especially when it comes to relationships. 

It's hard to always know how to cope and process everything when you are in the trenches of pain and darkness.

Everyone goes through their own process at their own pace. Healing never is easy and the realizations we have, the growth we experience and insight that we gain during this time is extremely powerful.

Life is not always fun or easy. Things never go as planned and it's an undeniable fact that we will all experience moments of suffering.

This is why it is so important to embrace your pain and stop trying to minimize, ignore, avoid or fight it. There is a reason why life includes heartbreak, losses, and trails.

It is impossible to fully understand or appreciate the light if you have never experienced darkness.

Difficult times in our lives have the power to throw us off course, highlight areas of growth and change our entire perspective on who we are and what we want.

Nothing else has that much power. 

There is a reason why so many powerful songs, poems, and stories are written during times of hurt and heartbreak. Pain creates beauty, a beauty that can only be uncovered by going through those experiences that we so desperately try to avoid. 

By allowing ourselves the space to embrace our hurt, we naturally create opportunities to gain insight, cultivate and create the life we actually want. So often, what we thought we wanted and needed, wasn't what was truly right for us.

People leave to create space for someone new. Loss happens because that person's role in your story has ended.  Opportunities are taken from us because that's not what we are meant to be doing. Heartbreak happens because there's a different type of love out there, which is better.

Life has its own plan and timing for things. It's important to recognize the meaning behind the struggles that you have endured in your life. Darkness is part of your story for a reason and only you have the power to understand what that reason is. 

Challenge yourself to embrace these moments in life. Open them with arms wide open, just like you do the happy ones. Be curious about what is happening and stop trying to "fix it." Humans are not meant to be happy 100% of the time. It's impossible. 

Sadness, anger, pain, and heartbreak all carry hidden messages that with the proper observation, healing and insight will help you recognize your highest potential. 

Remember one thing: Even though you might feel like you are blindly staggering through the dark times- you are actually being lead by a force greater than you can even imagine. Try surrendering, being observant and trusting that it is leading you exactly where you are meant to be.