The Do’s and Dont’s: Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

The Do’s and Dont’s: Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

 If you have heard about luxury rehab, you might be wondering what makes them so special. Do the amenities actually help with the recovery process? Are people who completed the program in a luxury center less likely to relapse? Is the cost that different?

 There are so many questions about luxury rehab, and we are going to do our best to answer them for you here.

Why Choose a Luxury Rehab Facility?


One of the major draws for luxury rehab is access to much higher levels of privacy. Luxury centers tend to be in more secluded locations allowing for far fewer distractions than a facility that is located in the hustle and bustle of a city. People tend to prefer to get away when they are serious about their sobriety.

 Not only is the center in a distraction-free environment, luxury rehabs usually offer private rooms. When an individual is going through treatment, having a private room can be very beneficial for self-reflection and concentration. Rehab itself is very strenuous, but it is made even more difficult if you have to share a room with three other people and have no time for yourself.

 Specialized Staff

 Something that can really separate luxury facilities from non-luxury facilities is their ability to hire highly specialized and trained staff. The most important part of an addiction treatment center is the strength of its clinical program. Individuals trying to get clean at the facility rely on the direction from the clinical directors and counselors.

 In order to know you are receiving the best care possible, the clinical staff should be made up of licensed therapists who have the ability to treat a large number of mental health conditions. Luxury centers tend to have more clinically strong programs, but that’s not to say that you can’t find great clinical programs from other types of centers as well.

 Variety of Treatment Options

 Another reason why someone might want to look into a luxury treatment center is that they tend to be open to alternative treatment methods. Centers typically use the long-embraced 12-Step methodology as the core or even sole part of their program, so if the AA and 12-Step approach don’t work for you, luxury rehab might be something to really take a second look at.

 Luxury rehabs tend to have facilities that cater to a wide variety of treatment methods and might offer both 12-step and alternatives. Evidence-based treatment programs are being used more and more widely and could be something to explore further.

 One Size Does Not Fit All

 Finally, another benefit that luxury programs have is their individualized approach to treatment. We already mentioned that they tend to offer alternatives to 12-Step, but luxury centers recognize that everyone responds to treatment differently.

 Luxury programs with a strong clinical approach will cater their treatment program to each individual. This way, the treatment is more meaningful and powerful for each person in the program and everything can be tailored to fit each person’s unique needs.

 How Much Will It Cost?

 Luxury rehabs have a reputation for costing a lot of money out of pocket. While these programs do exist, not all luxury centers have such a high price tag. In fact, some cost no more than an average addiction treatment facility, so it’s worth taking a look at your insurance to see if they will cover it.

 The cost of any addiction treatment program will be expensive when paying out of pocket, but the actual cost will vary from insurance to insurance. If you have found a center that you like, you can always ask them to verify your insurance and know exactly what will be covered or not during your stay.

 If luxury treatment sounds like something you’d like but the price tag has scared you away, don’t be afraid to check it out anyway. You never know if you can’t afford something until you ask!

 Who Might Benefit?

 We’ve given you a pretty good idea about why someone would choose to enter a luxury rehab as opposed to a non-luxury facility, but now we wanted to go into more detail about who might benefit.

 We mentioned earlier that privacy tends to be a large driving force for luxury rehab facilities. Because of this feature, a lot of high-profile jobs and corporate executives tend to appreciate the luxury centers so if your goal is to be surrounded by other professionals, a luxury center is going to be your best bet.

 While luxury rehabs tend to be a draw for the affluent or people holding top positions in their company, almost anyone can benefit from a luxury facility. It all depends on what each individual is looking for and how the center can specifically match their requests.


 Aside from the private rooms, luxury centers usually come with a slew of other amenities that guests find very enticing. From pools to meditation rooms to extensive fitness centers, the amenities offered by some facilities might make you feel like you are staying at a hotel.

 Between the luxurious setting, the large screen TVs and access to a recording studio, people looking for treatment can be lulled into the luxury center, but for the wrong reasons. While these extras can be great, it is important to remember the reason that you are going to the center in the first place, to get clean and stay clean.

 Buyer Beware...

The luxuries can be nice, but we can’t stress enough the importance of finding a center that has a clinical focus that is going to work for YOU. Not all addiction centers are created equal and the same goes for luxury centers. Be sure to investigate how their program is run, what specializations they might have, and how much it is going to cost you.

If you have any questions about luxury rehab and what to look for or want to learn more about luxury centers in general, Serenity Lodge in California can help answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

 *** Written by Michael Johnson for Meridian Counseling.