3-Easy Ways to Eliminate Distractions When Meditating at Home

3-Easy Ways to Eliminate Distractions When Meditating at Home

Meditation is one of those things that requires a pretty quiet, distraction-free space. The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are many, but unlike many other things in life, it’s not one of those things that can be done while multitasking. Life is full of distractions, especially if you are trying to get your meditation in while in the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to meditate in the morning before starting your day or for a few minutes after getting home from work, it can make all the difference to try and eliminate some of those distractions at home.

 Go outside

If inside the house is just too distracting with the dishes piling up and toys all over the floor, go outside to meditate. Sit in the backyard or just take a walk to get moving and get your mind in a calm place. Spending time outdoors has also been shown to help with sleep cycles and circadian rhythms, so you can count that as one of the additional benefits.

 Take a shower

When all else fails, you can do your meditation in the shower to stay away from some of the most egregious distractions. Turn on some warm water and let it flow over your head, thinking of it as a metaphor for letting your thoughts wash over you without getting too absorbed in them. The essence of meditation is to notice your thoughts and emotions without overly reacting to them - over the long term, this helps with emotion regulation and mood management. If you can endure a trying or stressful scenario without reacting poorly, it will be easier next time to manage your reaction and think clearly in the moment. The shower is one of the only places you can count on to be relatively free from distractions.

 Create a special space to meditate

Choose a spare bedroom or a quiet corner of your living room. You can make this space free of distractions by decluttering the area and taking care of any loud noises, like a faulty HVAC system. Once you remove distractions from the space, spread out a soft mat or blanket on the floor. Lie down or sit cross legged, whatever is most comfortable for you. If you do not want to close your eyes, fill your vision with soothing reminders to stay calm and focused. Some potted plants, an art print with your mantra of the moment or even just looking out of a window can help you stay in the moment and focused on your meditation practice.

 Even with the many benefits that come with meditation, it can still be difficult to get in the zone. Setting aside a special space, taking your practice outside or even meditating while in the shower or bath can get your brain in a place of focus, even when household chores and life’s responsibilities are calling our name. Follow these tips and keep practicing, and you will soon find it much easier to tune out distractions and see the benefits of successful meditation.

*** Written for Meridian Counseling by Amanda Turner. Amanda Turner is a freelance writer and recent graduate who is exploring her passions through writing

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