Episode 4: Understanding The Impact Of Work On Mental Health

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Episode 4: Understanding The Impact Of Work On Mental Health

On the fourth episode of The Guiding Compass, I interview Brennan Fitzgerald, LPCC about the importance of work/life balance, meditation and mental health in the tech industry. We will be focusing on ways to incorporate wellness and mindfulness into your workday and discussing why having a balanced life is important for preventing burnout. 



Brennan Fitzgerald is a Licensed Psychotherapist who has her own private practice in Silicon Valley.  She specializes in anxiety and stress related to career issues in the technological industry and has a degree in Holistic Psychology from Lesley University.  

She has spent nearly ten years working as a therapist developing her own curriculum of writing, art and self-discovery that helps clients cease negative patterns of depression and anxiety and thrive, as opposed to merely learning skills to cope with mental issues.  She has studied extensively the holistic model of illness, treating clients to be the healthiest and best possible version of themselves. Working with Psychologists and Psychiatrists from Stanford University, she has also blended her understanding of evidence- based practices for leading a healthy, vital and engaged lifestyle with her own method of treatment.  Through warmth, comfort and support, her clients are protected in finding their own personal essence, true purpose and self.