Episode 5: Leaning Into Pain and Healing From Addiction


Episode 5: Leaning Into Pain and Healing From Addiction

Today I will be interviewing Jasmine Malekan who is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Jasmine talks about the importance of "leaning into your pain" and sharing your truth as it apply's to recovery. 



Jasmine Malekan is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in co- occurring disorders of addiction, eating disorders and mental illness. Jasmine works with both adolescents and adults.

Jasmines occupational journey started in a residential setting working with individuals struggling with schizophrenia, at which time she met the “most inspiring and courageous individuals”.  Working with severely mentally disabled persons served to challenge and trigger a fire in Jasmine for psychology and human behavior.

However it was Jasmine’s own personal experience with addiction and trauma that fueled her passion as a therapist and ignited a desire to instill hope in others. Her battle with addiction and depression propelled her to look within, lean into her pain and surrender to her truth; ultimately leading her to live a life full of purpose and promise. With tremendous strength and courage Jasmine has emerged with power and purpose as she devotes her life to helping others embrace and live their truth.    

Ms. Malekan is the Clinical Director of Sanctuary Treatment Center, a detox and residential facility for addiction and mental illness, helping individuals regain the excitement and passion for life as she did.  Her private practice, Transformation Therapy, is located in Santa Monica where she focuses on transforming your pain into power and purpose. (TransformationTherapies.org, Jmalekan3@Gmail.com)

Ms. Malekan is a New York native and received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology at the American School of Professional Psychology, Orange County California.