Episode 6: Helping Men Embrace Their Vulnerability

The Guiding Compass: Episode 6


Episode 6: Helping Men Embrace Their Vulnerability

In the sixth Episode of The Guiding Compass, I get the chance to interview Courtland McPherson, LCSW about his research and work with men, embracing vulnerability and helping challenge cultural perceptions of "male stereotype." 


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Courtland McPherson is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in psychodynamic psychotherapy.  In addition to holding certificates in 'Advanced Clinical Practice' and 'Clinical Issues in Adoption and Foster Care', he was a trainer for the Providence Men’s project. He is a clinical supervisor and case consultant.

Past speaking engagements include 'The Art of Listening' and have addressed such topics as trauma, overcoming fear, and pathways to a meaningful life.  He is working toward a doctorate degree in psychodynamic psychotherapy with research focused on male social connectedness.

He is a terrible guitar player, aspiring runner, avid adventure seeker and lifetime learner of all things fantastic. He owns and operates Little Red Telescope Psychotherapy, a private psychotherapy practice helping men in their 20s, 30s and 40s get unstuck in work, relationships and life.

He can be reached at: