Episode 7: Interactive Parenting And Relationship Building


Episode 7: Interactive Parenting And Relationship Building

In the seventh episode, I interview Dr. Lisa Cohen about Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) and how she uses play to help build and strengthen the relationship between caregiver and child. Lisa will discuss how having a strong bond with a child can build resilience, self-esteem and teach emotional regulation.



Dr. Lisa Cohen completed her education as a clinical psychologist at the California School of Professional Psychology - Berkeley/Alameda, in 1997.  Dr. Lisa credits the opportunity she has had for the past 20 years, working alongside young people and their families, for providing the substance of her education.  Working closely with many parents and youth, who were focused on improving the quality of their lives despite tremendous challenges, Dr. Lisa developed a strong respect and appreciation for the strength and passion of the parenting spirit.

Privileged to receive the trust of caregivers from many walks of life, parents, foster parents, blended families, Abuelas, Bubbies, Aunties, and adoptive parents as they worked hard to change their family-life trajectories, Dr. Lisa recognizes the courage it takes for parents to reach out for guidance and support. Sharing about the difficult times within family relationships, requires significant strength.

Dr. Lisa equates these acts of courage, with love and devotion; demonstrating a parent’s awareness of the value and power of their interactions and communication with their child. Dr. Lisa considers a secure and nurturing parent-child relationship as invaluable in providing a strong foundation for healing, optimal growth, and the well-being of children. For this reason, she has chosen to focus on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, in addition to individual and other family therapy models as the focus of her work. 

Dr. Lisa is also a parent.  She recognizes that having raised her two sons as a single mother influenced the person and the therapist she is today.  As a mother, Dr. Lisa has struggled for the “right answer,” laughed at herself, and has been humbled. Dr. Lisa incorporates her “real” life parenting experiences, as well as her academic and professional experiences throughout her therapy sessions with you.  

After decades of agency work providing therapy, supervision and training, Dr. Cohen has opened up a private practice in Westlake Village.  Family In Sync provides Parent Child Interaction Therapy, as well as individual, and family therapy sessions for the full age of children, including parents transitioning to parenthood, through transitioning to adulthood.

Dr. Cohen and Family In Sync welcome the opportunity to provide services, guidance and support to all families