Episode 8: The Impact Of Trauma


Episode 8: The Impact Of Trauma

In the eighth episode, I interview Dr. Carole Goguen about her work with client's with PTSD and complex trauma. Dr. Goguen specializes in trauma work and has worked at the Veterans Administration, has a private practice and conducted research on the impact of trauma on mental health. 


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Dr. Carole Goguen is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Pasadena, CA. She provides a number of mental health services to people struggling with traumatic histories, sleep disorders, stress management, depression, anxiety, distressing interpersonal relationships and with persons questioning their basic meaning in life/their place in this world. In addition to individual psychotherapy, she provides group psychotherapy including group treatment for Clinician Survivors of Client/Patient Suicide.

In addition to her private practice, she is also a staff psychologist that the Veteran Administration Greater Los Angeles Health Care System where she works with Veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, severe mental illness, and military sexual trauma. Furthermore, she provides training and supervision in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Prolonged Exposure psychotherapy for psychology practicum and internship trainees at the VA.

Dr. Goguen began her professional journey volunteering at a suicide/crisis line. From that experience, her path seemed clear. She went on to attended California State University, Los Angeles (B.A. Psychology), Pepperdine University (M.A. Clinical Psychology), and Pepperdine University's American Psychological Association (APA) accredited Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program which afforded her the chance to work with one of the leading experts in the field of trauma research and treatment.

During Dr. Goguen’s graduate school training, she worked in a rape center counseling sexual assault survivors, she provided psychotherapy with adults in a community mental health clinic, she worked in juvenile hall providing psychotherapy to incarcerated adolescents, she provided psychotherapy to adults in a residential alcohol and drug abuse treatment program, and she completed her graduate training in a year-long APA accredited pre-doctoral internship program at Patton State Hospital, working full-time providing psychotherapy and psychological assessments with severely mentally ill persons who were adjudicated as not guilty by reason of insanity, incompetent to stand trial, or were prisoners who had become so mentally ill in prison that they needed to be treated in a forensic psychiatric hospital.

After Dr. Goguen graduated with her Psy.D., she spent two years working as the Associate Director of Research and Education at the Executive Division of the National Center for PTSD while providing psychotherapy to Veterans in the mental health clinic of the VA Medical Center at White River Junction, Vermont.