Episode 11: Women And The Power Of Perspective

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Episode 11: Women And The Power Of Perspective

In the 11th episode of the Guiding Compass, I meet with Joanne Royer, PH.D. Who has built her coaching practice around working with women and helping empower them by utilizing the power of perspective. Joanne will speak about her journey working with women and how she has utilized her background in clinical work combined with coaching to help women take control of and improve their lives. 


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Dr. Joanne Royer, is the founder and owner of Change Agent & Associates, providing online mentor coaching to women approaching 50 and beyond who are ready to put an end to allowing self-doubt to stand in their way, learning how to kick their inner critic to the curb.

After 25 years working professionally as a psychotherapist, in 2006 Dr. Joanne began the first of many coaching certifications. Between her psychological savviness and an array of coaching tools, her clients get a double fisted approach, bringing her expertise, insight and professional skill to each coaching call. Working with clients online has afforded Dr. Joanne to expand her reach across states as well as internationally.

https://www.joanneroyerphd.com           888.748.4464           drjoanne@drjoanneroyerphd.com