Episode 32: Understanding Attachment Styles

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Episode 32: Understanding Attachment Styles

In episode 32, J. Ann Clayton, LCSW discusses the impact of attachment styles and the impact that they have on relationships. Attachment styles in childhood and adult romantic relationships are explored and explained.



J. Ann is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the field working with a variety of populations. J. Ann’s background consists of working with children, individuals and families dealing with trauma, abuse, depression, substance abuse, life-threatening illnesses and chronic medical conditions. She continues to strive in providing therapy and healing within the community. Her therapeutic approaches will stem from Mindfulness Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, EMDR and Trauma Focused Therapy. Her background includes working with individuals who are currently dealing with grief and loss, traumatic experiences, anxiety and depression as well as drug and alcohol abuse.  Let J. Ann support you through this journey and assist you in increasing a healthy mind and soul. J. Ann will assist you in becoming connected with your inner self again. She finds it important to regain our resilience and progress toward a new healthy well being. With her therapeutic approaches, she will be assisting you in building ways to gain that inner strength, coping skills, and growth while providing a safe haven for you to open up and express your thoughts and feelings.

Her office is located in Mission Valley, CA.

J. Ann also provides supervision hours to ASW clinicians seeking supervision.

Website: www.jannclaytonlcsw.com

IG: @JAnnClaytonLCSW

Email: jayaclayton@gmail.com

Phone: (209) 791-8128 / (909) 802-8571