Episode 34: Stop The Stigma On Medications

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Episode 34: Stop The Stigma On Medications

In episode 34, James Morgan who is a psychiatric NP, joins me for a discussion about the stigma related to medications, risk and benefits and dives into the impact on medication on overall quality of life and mental health.



With over 15 years in healthcare, 11 of which has been in nursing, James has excelled

academically and in clinical practice. He currently holds his Doctorate of Nursing Practice

(DNP) degree, and is dual certified in both Psychiatric Mental Health and Adult-Geriatric Acute

Care. As a psychiatric NP, James has worked in out-patient and acute care facilities. In addition

to psychiatry, he has also worked in other specialty areas including the emergency department,

surgical services, urgent care, correctional services, sports medicine and education.

James owns and operates Anchored Psychiatric Nursing Services, an outpatient psychiatric-

mental health clinic out of Santa Ana, California. James is a respected author, educator, clinician and patient advocate.

Website: www.AnchoredPsychiatric.com

Phone: (714) 617-2530

Email: James@AnchoredPscyhiatric.com