Episode 35: Building A Life Worth Staying Sober For


Episode 35: Building A Life Worth Staying Sober For

In episode 35, I meet with my colleague and close friend Kaybe to discuss his journey to sobriety and the importance of building a life worthy staying sober for. Kaybe shares the importance of connection, service, forgiveness and compassion towards self and others in recovery.



Kaybe Butler is a RADT 1 and currently works as a Behavioral Health Technician. Kaybe also facilitate groups at an Intensive Outpatient Center. Kaybe is a recovering addict and alcoholic with almost 2 years clean. He has learned through this journey that helping others is a cornerstone of his sobriety.  The Twelve Steps of AA and a rice seed of willingness has rewarded and a truly blessed him with a life of sobriety. Kaybe loves giving back to others what was so freely given to him and goes around spreading the message of his experience, hope, and strength.