Episode 23: Nap Time Is Good For You! The Impact Of Sleep

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Episode 23: Nap Time Is Good For You! The Impact Of Sleep

Amanda Cortez, LMFT discusses the impact that sleep has on your mental, emotional and physical health. Amanda shares her own story of how sleep problems were impacting her quality of life and provides insightful tools on how to create healthier habits around your bedtime routine! 



Amanda Cortez, LMFT serves adults and children diagnosed with mood disorders, co-occurring disorders, survivors of trauma and individuals with sleep disorders, through her private practice, YesToTherapy, in Campbell, CA. Amanda also facilitates bully prevention support groups for young females/males in high schools and is Clinical Program Manager for a Crisis Stabilization Unit through a non-profit called Uplift Family Services (formerly known as EMQ). Within her role, she utilizes risk assessment, is a 5150 card holder for youth that are DTS, DTO and/or gravely disabled. Amanda has gained a great amount of experience working with youths and adults in crisis, provides (TCI) Therapeutic Crisis Interventions (de-escalation techniques) for individuals in acute psychosis. Throughout her experience, she has found sleep to be a common denominator within treatment. For clinicians interested in learning more about crisis risk assessment, intervention and the mental health effects of sleep, please contact her via email or phone at: Amanda@yestotherapy.com, or (831) 293-4770, or visit her website at www.yestotherapy.com