Episode 24: Creating The Bridge: How To Connect With Teens

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Episode 24: Creating The Bridge: How To Connect With Teens

Aly Thompson, LMFT joins me for a discussion about adolescence and provides insight, tools and valuable information about how to connect with, understand and guide teens through their unique challenges. Aly discusses the biological, emotional and cognitive aspects of this developmental period and offers useful tips for anyone who has a teen in their life. 




Aly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Agoura Hills, CA who works with adolescents, young adults, adults, and geriatric clients desiring support and restoration in the areas of relational distress, forgiveness, depression and anxiety, medical difficulties, faith integration, identity, self-harm, trauma, and physical and sexual abuse. Aly has experience working in various mental health settings including schools, private practice, and psychiatric hospitals, and utilizes the approaches of attachment, psychodynamic, restorative, and medical family therapies. Within her private practice, Aly is able to provide a safe space to explore areas of violation or harm with regards to love and trustworthiness, and identity and safety. Aly’s goal through the use of Restoration Therapy is to identify the restricting and inhibiting patterns that we have all undoubtedly become stuck in at some point in our lives, and to understand the roots that keep us stuck in those ruts, starting with primary emotions, responses, and beliefs we have about ourselves. Aly seeks to restore the truth about who her clients are so that they might make a new choice and respond out of the truth instead of staying stuck in destructive ruts any longer. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Aly, or would like to know more about Restoration or Medical Family Therapy, please go to www.alythompson.com