Episode 25: Navigating Motherhood

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Episode 25: Navigating Motherhood

Motherhood is hard. There is no question about how difficult it is to become a new mother. Today's episode is all about maternal mental health. Sherry Nafeh, LMFT joins me to share some knowledge about the transition into motherhood, how to cope and what to expect.



Sherry Nafeh, is a Licensed Marriage Therapist practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. She has been in private practice for 14 years and feels passionate about her work. She specialized in Woman’s mental health & couples counseling.  She focuses on solutions and strengths, and helps clients enrich their lives and relationships. She believes that well-being, health, and happiness are enhanced as you combine, therapeutic modalities that work with the conscious and unconscious mind, including mindfulness. She develops a unique blend of approaches for each individual, which will bring a wealth of psycho-education and knowledge to share in areas such as love, relationships, parenting, communication, happiness, and well-being.