Episode 26: New Age Recovery: A New Perspective On Sobriety

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Episode 26: New Age Recovery: A New Perspective On Sobriety

Jay Wick, LMFT joins me for an interesting discussion about his journey in recovery and how he helps client's find purpose in their sobriety. Jay offers a unique perspective on how to stay sober and shares some wisdom on how finding a purpose can make a drastic change in your life. 



Jay Wick is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and owner of Focus Therapy,
a family therapy practice based out of Encinitas, CA. As a Marriage and Family
Therapist Jay is trained to work with individuals, couples, and families. Jay has made
a point throughout his career and training to work with diverse populations and
demographics.  His experience has ranged from having a classroom at in an
elementary school, in which he provided play and art therapy for Pre-K to 5th
graders, to working at an intensive outpatient and residential treatment center for
substance abuse, where clients were often facing additional challenges such as acute
psychosis and severe PTSD. While Jay enjoys working with clients dealing with a
wide spectrum of challenges, he has a real passion for helping people build healthy,
loving relationships. Jay also has a special interest in working with individuals and
family members that are navigating the process of recovery from alcohol and other
substances of abuse. Jay is a proponent of nontraditional approaches to recovery,
and is supportive of clients that do not wish to participate in 12-step programs.
Jay maintains a blog through his website which is updated often with useful
information related to relationships and the process of recovery.
Instagram: @comingintofocus