Episode 30: Become A Visionary

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Episode 30: Become A Visionary

In episode 30, we dive into becoming a visionary and learning to trust your gut, take risks and shape your life. Nichomi Higgins, LMFT joins me in discussing the spiritual, mental and emotional road blocks of taking risks and following your dreams. She shares how to get over fear and manifest your dreams.



Nichomi is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and the Executive Director & Founder of Sol Centered Therapy LLC, a mental health and wellness company dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and compassionate therapy and school-based services within her community.

With nearly a decade of leadership and mental health experience under her belt (and a bunch of life experience), Nichomi strongly believes that life’s difficulties are opportunities for transformative experiences. 

As a certified Body Positive facilitator and Trauma trained clinician, Nichomi's passion is helping people feel better about themselves, to understand their 

inner worlds and their environments, and to help them cope with the difficulties they face in their daily lives. Nichomi enjoys working with teens, young adults, creatives and innovators and her specialties include eating disorders, trauma, depression anxiety and a range of other challenges.