"Follow your own inner compass." - unknown



Welcome to the Guiding compass podcast!  I wanted this podcast to be a safe and interesting place for listeners to learn from leading professionals in the field and open a door to have some important discussions related to topics such as mental health, relationships and emotional well-being. 

It has always been a dream of mine to education others about the importance of emotional, mental and spiritual health. This passion is what inspired me to start The Guiding Compass! It felt like taking a leap of faith and starting a podcast was the perfect opportunity to share some knowledge and highlight the significance of these issues on our overall health and quality of life. 

As a therapist, I believe there is an epidemic happening as rates of depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma continue to rise.  However, by educating people, decreasing stigma and bringing awareness; we CAN change these things. Big things can come from passionate people coming together for a cause they care about.