3-Simple Routines For A Healthier Lifestyle

3-Simple Routines For A Healthier Lifestyle

Everyone wants to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Sadly, As a culture we face Heart disease, Cancer, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Asthma, liver, Infections and many more health issues. We are in a war on health and if you are not ready to fight, be ready to face disastrous health issues. You have to dedicate time to work on your health, it needs to be a priority. Not too much time is required, for lifestyle changes like adding more exercise to your routine, you can even start with investing 50-60 minutes a week. If you include these 3 simple tweaks in your routine, they will start putting you on the right path towards better health!

Healthy diet plan:

One of the main aspects of your life that either enhances or reduce health issues. Your food selection plays a very important role in your health, it has a direct effect on your health. A healthy diet always helps you reach and maintain your ideal healthy weight. Your diet should be rich and include green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, Supplement like omega -3 fatty acids.

Get Enough quality sleep:

It is very simple and easy to do, yet most of us don’t get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep may prevent raise the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, obesity and reduces heart problems. Every adult needs to sleep 6-8 hours a night. A proper night sleep helps you: maintain and control your weight, reduces the risk of cancer, stress, inflammation and mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Stay away from Smoking, Alcohol, and Tobacco:

Smoking and drinking takes a heavy toll on your health. Moderate to heavy use of substance can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, emphysema, kidney cancer, lung cancer and cause breathing problems.

Do yoga:

Yoga is not only good for physical health but is also great for mental and spiritual health as well. Yoga can increase your flexibility, muscle strength, energy or even improve respiration system, maintain weight and protect from injury. Before you begin a practice, due your research the benefits of benefits, yoga poses, yoga equipment like the proper yoga mat, yoga clothing, etc. Also, remember to consult with your doctor prior to starting a new exercise routine.

*** Written for Meridian Counseling by Abhishek Ghode. Abhishek recently graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, Founder of www.mydresskit.com, freelancer, eager to learn new skills, always passionate and motivated.